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DCN Cables offers monitoring options that incorporate advanced power measurement technology built into the power cable itself. We developed a unique wireless network protocol that was built specifically for data center monitoring and has become the most widely deployed wireless power monitoring platform in the industry.

Measure Amps, Volts, Volt-Amps, Watts, kWh, frequency, power factor and temperature for single & three phase devices in any amperage configuration.

Easy Deployment

Data automatically begins transmitting when the cable becomes energized


Monitor a few devices in one location or thousands throughout your enterprise


Software and HTML interface for real-time tracking, alerting and historical collections. SNMP and Modbus Protocols for integration into your existing DCIM or BMS Systems.

  • Create a monthly power bill report based on allocated kWh usage – sorted by customer, department or any user-defined group

  • Ensure circuit failover

  • Mitigate risk with persistent circuit monitoring